Systems Integration

Optimising the co-ordination of your IT systems

One aspect of RAE Computing’s service which distinguishes us from many of our competitors is our ability to analyse and implement ‘systems integration’.

As well as understanding the mechanical functions of different types of hardware and software, we also know how to configure each element within your network for optimum performance. Our aim is to achieve seamless integration between the IT hardware within your network and also to ensure compatible software packages link together to ensure a smooth user experience.

We have worked with many of our clients for 10 years or more and over time we are trusted to take a strategic view of their IT requirements and develop systems and networks that improve overall performance. This means that IT issues are minimised and each business can spend more time working profitably.

Before recommending or implementing significant changes to your systems we will carry out a comprehensive IT audit and explain the benefits of any changes or improvements we propose.

As our business grows we are finding that new clients are asking us to carry out an IT audit at the beginning of our relationship and we believe this provides added value right from the start.